04.13.18: Portland Review Reading at Literary Arts with Jenny Forrester, Janice Lee, and Kate Jayroe

02.07.18: Reading at Portland State University with Janice Lee

02.01.18: Second edition of Family Album released by CCM #RECURRENT

12.22.16: Reading at Likewise in Portland with Popahna Brandes, Alicia Cohen, and Miranda Mellis

10.08.16: Family Album reviewed by Eireene Nealand in Tarpaulin Sky: "The result is remarkably immersive, more like watching a film than reading a difficult piece of experimental literature..."

06.15.16: Family Album reviewed by Courtney Morgan in American Book Review: "More than a coming-of-age story, Family Album, Jason Snyder’s impressive debut novel, is a story of coming undone, of being unraveled just at the point an identity should begin to coalesce. The novel is a bildungsroman in a twisted looking glass world, where rather than discovering and creating himself as he progresses into adolescence, twelve-year-old Matthew is instead dissected and digested by a sickly cocktail of manipulation, deprecation, abandonment, and ‘a more or less permanent condition of atmospheric instability.’ But from beneath the battering of psychological abuse, a voice, a self, scratches at the surface, strains to claw its way through..."

06.09.16: Reading at Ristretto in Portland with Elizabeth Hall and Evelyn Hampton

06.08.16: Reading near Good Clean Love in Eugene with Elizabeth Hall and Evelyn Hampton

03.07.16: #RECURRENT Roundtable discussion with Joe Milazzo and Jordan Okumura at Entropy

02.06.16: Reading at Poetic Research Bureau in Los Angeles with Amina Cain and Harold Abramowitz

02.05.16: Family Album reviewed by John Trefry in minor literature(s): "This is a book, that if given the space, affects the reader specifically, surgically, methodically, deeply, and lastingly."

02.04.16: Reading at E.M. Wolfman in Oakland with Syd Staiti

02.03.16: Reading at Booksmith in San Francisco with Colin Winnette and Luke Goebel

01.28.16: Interview with Joe Milazzo about Family Album at Entropy

12.15.15: Family Album excerpt published in The Collagist

12.08.15: Family Album on Entropy’s Best of 2015: Best Fiction Books list